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Millard's American Ale

A variation on American Light Ale utilizing all malted grains instead of rice and corn. The grain bill includes a malted barley base and lightly caramelized barley. It has the same low bitterness levels as American Light Ale using our estate and locally grown Cascade hops. Our 13th President, Millard Fillmore is a native of Summerhill, and we thought it only fitting that we should name a beer for him. Millard's American Ale is a basic, easy drinking beer, best served ice cold. ABV 6%

Naked Neighbor Amber

A German Altbier-style recipe resulting in a rich amber ale that is best when ages a month before drinking. Locally grown Willamette, Cascade and Liberty hops provide flavor and aroma. Northern Brewer hops are used for bittering. The grain bill includes a malted barley base, malted wheat and Caramel and Chocolate malts. Summerhhill is well know for it's nudist camp and it is not uncommon for a cold Naked Neighbor to be sitting on our porch on a hot summer evening. ABV 6%

Summer Hillbilly Cherry Wheat

An American Wheat recipe utilizing malted wheat, barley and Munich (barley) malt for body. Cherry puree is added--allowing local Cascade and Willamette hops to take the lead in flavor. A relaxing way to enjoy the fruits of our northern Appalachian landscape. ABV 4%

Paper Money IPA

An American IPA judiciously hopped providing strong floral and citrus notes. Seven hop additions start with locally grown Nugget and Tettanger for brewing. Flavor and aroma come from three boil and two dry additions of Cascade, Citra and Amarillo hops A strong grain bill strikes a smooth balance with the hops. This beer pours hazy golden color with a frothy white head. Paper Money IPA is named after Summerhill resident Elbridge G Spaulding who as a US Congressman drafted the National Currency Bank Bill creating our National paper currency. ABV 7%

Iron Plow Porter

A brown porter or "session" stout that pours deep brown with a beige head. Aroma is a nice balance of roasted grains and sweet malt. The complex grain bill includes Pale, Munich, Crystal and Chocolate malts for flavor; flaked barley for body and head retention; and malted black roasted barley for color. Northern Brewer hops are used for bittering and estate grown Cascade hops provide flavor and aroma. Iron Plow is named for Jethro Wood of nearby Scipio, NY, inventor of the iron plow with replaceable parts. Light in body for a porter, this is an easy drinking brew. ABV 5%

Plato's Haze IPA

If you like hops, and lots of them, this is your beer! Hopped with El Dorado and Mosaic, which give it a tropical, pineapple flavor. The addition of oats give it a hazy look. Enjoy this ale we brewed with our Locke neighbor and fellow beer lover, Brett Nieves. ABV 7%

"Summerhill originated as the eastern half of the Town of Locke, a portion of Military Tract (Frontier land given by Congress and the State to veterans of the Revolutionary War as payment for their services). This section had formerly been a hunting and fishing area for the Onondaga Indian Nation. Separated from Locke on April 26th, 1831 as Plato, it was discovered that the name was already in use. On March 16th, 1832 Plato became Summerhill, a name suggested by Irish settler Daniel J. Shaw, after a place near Dublin.

Arriba Chili Pepper

We decided to spice things up a bit. We've created a delightful and fun ale using a special combo of peppers--adding nice pepper flavor a little heat! ABV 6%

Farmer's Tan

Our Farmer's Tan is made up of half Millard's American ale and Iron Plow Porter. It has become a favorite among Summerhill Brewing patrons! ABV 5.5%

53 N 6 W Irish Red Ale

Make your taste buds do a little jig with this Irish-American ale. Lightly hopped with NY State Willamette, giving this ale a soft balance that brings the malt to the front. The recipe uses plenty of rich toasted malt, resulting in a dark amber color. Summerhill is named after a location of the same name in Ireland—located at the coordinates of 53 N and 6 W. ABV 5%